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Haleh Zarkesh is not just an experienced, successful attorney whose practice has helped hundreds of clients overcome their legal difficulties. Nor is she only a respected authority in the field of immigration law, with successful cases that have set national precedents, and ongoing partnerships with ICE and the FBI.

She’s also an immigrant herself. Someone who has experienced the uncertainty, difficulties and – yes – fear of that comes with being caught up in the American legal system as regular person, striving to improve her life, where a mistake can mean years of more trouble. Because of this, she understands your situation and how important it is for you to do the right thing. This is why she is dedicated to providing you the personal service and counsel that will make the difference for you, your loved ones, and everything important to you.

Born in Tehran, Iran, Haleh left the country following the revolution of 1985. In the years that followed, she and her family tried to make their way to America to enjoy a life of freedom and prosperity. She faced many difficulties, including a massive legal system, complicated procedures, and officials, advisors and attorneys who seemed more dedicated to their own interests than of those they said they wanted to help.

While she eventually succeeded in becoming an American citizen, this experience gave Haleh something more than a place in America: it gave her a passion for helping those who couldn’t, or didn’t know how to help themselves, speak for themselves, stand up for their rights and get what they fairly deserved. Today, nearly 30 years later, Haleh has built her legal practice on this passion: a commitment to helping people like you protect their legal rights, and a dedication to helping you improve your life.

Every day, through focused personal service, she helps many different types of people, from many different backgrounds, with many different problems. Every day, Haleh is here for you, whenever you need her, with the counsel, experience and understanding that can make the difference.

What problems are you facing? How can Haleh help you? Find out now, call for a consultation today.